FPC Services

FalconPeak Capital brings world-class advisory services and capital to socially-responsible and growth-driven companies in Latin America. 

FalconPeak develops, structures and executes financial transactions for medium and small companies in Latin America.

We collaborate with clients to design and implement a financing strategy; from the initial phase up through closing, including selecting the optimal structure, format and size.

FalconPeak provides financial engineering, advisory analysis, valuation, risk management and analytical solutions.

The valuation of assets is an essential process in all structured finance transactions and whole loan pools. FalconPeak has assembled a world-class financial engineering team that provides corporate clients and global partners with: financial engineering advisory, risk management, and analytical solutions.

The FalconPeak team possesses the expertise to assist our clients with proactive analytical advisory and uses proprietary models to provide expert data analysis, pricing, and valuation services.   

We draw from an unparalleled network of select local, regional and global relationships to successfully find investors and lenders for our clients, even in challenging environments. 

We combine outstanding local market intelligence and a deep network of global investor relationships to help LatAm companies access capital and achieve their business goals.

We help investors tap the best opportunities in an exceptionally dynamic region.
Our network spans the globe. We have key relationships with: investment banks, pension funds, insurance companies, hedge funds, family offices, private equity investors, and a growing retail investor base.


In March 2017, FPC launched AlphaNotes ETP, an Exchange Traded Products platform which serves as a multi-seller MTN Program.
Exchange Traded Products (“ETP”) are securities that whose price and value are derived from other underlying investment instruments or assets (such as loan portfolios, credit-linked notes, repackagings or a basket of securities).  ETPs trade on recognized international exchanges, thus investors can trade through brokerage accounts.  The AlphaNotes ETPs settle electronically via Euroclear & Clearstream.
AlphaNotes are issued by a bankruptcy-remote Issuer whose sole activity is the issuance of structured notes.  BNYM serves as Custodian, Paying and Transfer Agent, and Interturst serves as Trustee for the Program. 
AlphaNotes allows FPC to offer clients access to all global markets, without any restriction with respect to volume, type of product, commodity or currency.